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From the writer of the beloved worship songs Alabaster Jar &, The More I Seek You, comes the book at the heart of this message, How to Worship a King, by Pastor Zach Neese. Zach Neese is the Pastor of Worship Development at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, and oversees worship development, discipleship, training and equipping classes. Written in an effort to help define and understand true worship for every believer, this book captures the intimate relationship between a worshipper and God, and reveals truth and teachings of worship communicated in the pages of the Bible. In How to Worship a King, Zach unveils the power and beauty of true worship beyond any known song or melody, and carefully builds understanding and compelling evidence into the intended purpose of worship as a powerful weapon designed by God for the advancement and building of His Kingdom, here on earth.

Embark on this amazing journey of understanding, and be changed by the revelation gained as you allow your mind to see what only your heart has had the capacity to understand: that the power of worship has been deliberately given to change your relationship with God and to effect the way you live your life as a true worshipper and high priest.

"How To Worship A King" will release in February of 2012

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From the writer of Alabaster Jar & The More I Seek You comes the first solo CD project by Pastor Zach Neese, worship leader from Gateway Church. This CD captures the intimate relationship of a worshipper and his God. No matter what you may be facing, these songs will minister to you and will reflect the heart of an intimacy seeking God. Pastor Zach says, “This CD may not be what you are expecting. I didn’t set out to make a ’worship’ CD. I set out to obey God and see where He would lead me. I think that He’s led me somewhere good. I’m praying that these songs will be vehicles that drive you to God – that they will set melody to your meeting places – and that as they do, your world will change, too.”